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Your Bigger Future™ Awaits You

Life is confusing. If you agree with that then you have come to the right place.

We are constantly surrounded and bombarded with conflicting messages about health, wealth, relationships - in fact, just about everything.

In my book, I’ll help you cut through all the turmoil to enable you to make informed decisions that could benefit you for the rest of your life. And now that we are living longer - potentially much longer - this is the time to make changes.

Learn how to make sense of the chaos that is ordinary, everyday life. Learn the secrets of how small, positive changes can produce profound, dramatic results that will prepare you for Your Bigger Future™.

Perhaps most importantly, learn how you could re-energise and re-invigorate your enthusiasm for life.

Here then are tasters for what you can look forward to reading in the major chapters of the book.

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It’s a widely recognised fact that we’re living much longer. At the turn of the 20th century, a man could count himself lucky if he lived beyond the age of 50. Today, that expectation has risen to nearly 80. (There are scientists who believe that the first person to live to 150 is already over 50 years old!) This is possibly one of society’s greatest achievements. Some experts even believe that we are on the verge of semi-immortality, thanks to advances in medical research.

Whether you are inclined to believe that or not, we are undoubtedly moving into the uncharted territory of a so-called 4th age and it begs several questions, does it not? How will you, your children and your children’s children cope with a longer life? How will you fill your time? Will you be fit and healthy? How will you afford to live for possibly more than a third of your life in retirement?

By adopting the simple, personal disciplines of self-belief and self-investment, I can show you how you can prepare for Your Bigger Future™.

Your Life Path

Every journey starts with a single step. The first step towards Your Bigger Future™ is recognising your role in life and determining how that knowledge will help you in moving forward – a longevity strategy, if you like.

Embrace the fact that you will get older, but never forget the life events and challenges that have made you who you are today - and who you want to be tomorrow. Nothing beats experience.

Recognise the wow-factor moments that come out of the blue and use those influences to shape your actions and habits. Remain inquisitive. You’re never too old to learn something new. And focus on the future. Focus on staying fit, both physically and mentally. Put your finances in order so that your money will last your lifetime. Seek advice if necessary. Cultivate positive relationships. And always ensure you have a powerful reason for getting up in the morning.

Healthy Body

A prerequisite to living a long life is maintaining a healthy constitution. That’s a given, surely? It’s not just about what we eat, but how and when we eat.

In this chapter of the book, I’ll tell you about a healthy eating system that has made a huge, positive difference to my life and to the lives of thousands of others. A calorie controlled lifestyle that is not only about weight loss, but one that actually contributes to body repair and regeneration. It’s fun, not famine!

I also examine the scientific propositions that support the notion of extended life beyond anything we could have previously imagined - and the evidence to back it up. I explain why it’s not about extending life at all costs, but about quality, long life delivered as a side effect of better health therapies and health maintenance.

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Healthy Personal Finances

Now, with considerably extended lifespans a distinct probability, having enough money to last a lifetime seems to be a universal concern, irrespective of whether a person is wealthy or of modest means.

As a financial consultant, I believe conventional financial planning is an outdated model. Today, financial planning needs to be easy to understand, adaptable and visionary. We need to think much further ahead - not just in terms of years, but decades. And I’m not just talking about pensions. Retirement planning should be directed at securing a regular income, irrespective of its source, to maintain your chosen lifestyle for as long as you live. How do you do that? I’ll tell you.

In this chapter of the book, I’ll seek to guide you through the basic rules of laying a solid foundation for a lifetime financial strategy. I’ll tell you how to estimate and manage the level of income you’ll need in retirement, how to build and maintain your capital resource - and the importance of seeking advice if you need it. Try my Capital and Income Calculator and see how much money you’ll need to fund your retirement lifestyle.

You’ll learn the basics about popular investment vehicles and the importance of tax-efficiency and estate planning.

In short, I’ll pass on to you valuable financial knowledge that I have acquired during the whole of my working life.

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Healthy Business Finances

As the title suggests, you will find this chapter of the book invaluable if you run, or help run, a business, or intend to start an enterprise.

As a relatively successful business partner myself, I have learned a thing or two about building a profitable company. And in the context of this book, improving your financial bottom line to provide for Your Bigger Future™ is what it’s all about.

If you already operate a profitable company, that’s great. But I hope some of the tips and knowledge I have gained over the years could make your business stronger. If you run a young or start-up company, they’ll help you hit the ground running.

I’ll tell you about the 14 key areas that should be addressed to ensure success and profitability in virtually any company. I call them ‘the Principles for Success in Business.’

I’ll also explain why I believe that, although a healthy balance sheet is vital of course, part of the buzz of running any business should be the sheer exhilaration, fun and satisfaction that it brings to you on a personal level.

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Healthy Relationships

Can you imagine how miserable we’d be in our later years if we were lonely? Not a pleasant thought is it? And yet there are thousands of older people in exactly that position. That’s why we all need interactive, enduring relationships with others to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

What does ‘being happy’ actually mean? What type of relationships can you develop?

Relationships can take many forms of course - from the relationship you have with the world at large, yourself, spouse or partner, family and friends, to work colleagues, your leisure time and yes - your pets!

In this chapter of the book I cover each category in detail with the ultimate aim of helping you cultivate meaningful relationships (where possibly none currently exist), understanding the needs of others and establishing your personal inner peace and happiness.

I also show you the evidence that proves those with lots of close, happy relationships have better odds of living a longer life than people who are lonely.

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Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose is a fundamental component of a fulfilling life. Without it, we are prone to boredom, anxiety, depression and often, addictions.

I believe a strong sense of purpose can exert a powerful, positive effect, making us less self-centred and less focused on our own problems.

But what is a ‘sense of purpose?’ How does it manifest itself? How can we discover our own unique sense of purpose? In this chapter of the book, I’ll help you find the answers to those questions, but in essence, a sense of purpose is all about instilling in yourself the knowledge that you are wanted and valued - throughout your life. It’s the certainty that we can still be of use, that we can still help others and make a difference, even in our later years.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Life. It’s about leaving it better than you found it.” That’s why a sense of purpose is so important for all of us, for all of our lives.

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Fun Along the Way

What’s the purpose of life if you can’t enjoy it? Sound logic, but we all experience the feeling from time to time that life can sometimes be boring and routine.

It’s because we are creatures of habit. Routines are safe, comfortable - and it’s human nature to shy away from anything that will take us out of our comfort zone. And there’s the rub!

You see, I equate fun with happiness. I believe that having fun, having a laugh and forgetting our concerns can obviously make us happy, but can also reduce stress, enhance creativity, rebuild energy levels and improve relationships.

Yes, having fun is beneficial for us. In the book, I’ll show you the research to prove it. And I’ll tell you about how my own life experiences showed me that having fun can make you feel... good!

It’s not complicated. Even little snippets of fun can make all the difference. Whatever works for you.

Want to start having fun? Then follow my basic tips in this chapter which will show you how to establish your short and long term ‘fun goals.’

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Your Bigger Future™ starts here...

I want to tell you about the people that have inspired me, the 'light bulb' moments that have proved life changing and the expert opinions from around the world that have illuminated my path forward and helped me put together my personal strategy for preparing for my Bigger Future.

If you follow the pathway described in my book, then you will be well on the way to creating your meaningful, happy self, healthy in mind, body and finances and well prepared for Your Bigger Future.