Quicks Tips

Get Started... Now!

Haven’t bought the book yet? That’s not a problem. You can start on the journey to Your Bigger Future™ right now by following my Quick Start Tips distilled from the chapters of the book. Follow these Tips and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, wealthier, happier and hopefully, longer life.

Healthy Body Quick Start Tips

  1. Be inspired! Watch the BBC Horizon programme ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer.’
  2. Know your numbers! You need to know your current weight, body mass index, body fat, abdominal / visceral fat, blood pressure and cholesterol and set personal targets according to official guidelines to design your Calorie Controlled Lifestyle. DIY devices for monitoring these functions and conditions are widely available or see your pharmacist or doctor. Use my Healthy Body Numbers template.
  3. Download a calorie-counting app such as MyFitnessPal to record your food intake and an app such as STRAVA to record your exercise routine.
  4. Always be conscious that ‘you are what you eat and drink.’ Ask yourself, ‘Is this food doing me any good, or does it just taste nice?’
  5. Start with two reduced calorie days a week until you achieve your target weight, then maintain one reduced calorie day a week - forever! This is a major step towards a longer, healthier life.

Healthy Mind Quick Start Tips

  1. Set achievable goals. Use my Achievable Goals template. Tell people about them. That way, you’ve made a commitment.
  2. Be patient! You’ve spent your whole life getting where you are today and you won’t be able to change overnight. Give yourself 12 months to get to the ‘new you.’
  3. Continually remind yourself of the things that boost your confidence. Use my Confidence Booster template.
  4. You know if you have bad habits. Change them! Use my Habit Adjuster template.
  5. Take time to reflect on your progress with a regular journal. Use my Your Bigger Future™ Journal template.

Healthy Personal Finances Quick Start Tips

  1. Calculate the income you will need going forward into Your Bigger Future™ and the capital required to fund it. Use my Capital and Income Calculator.
  2. Plan your future expenditure and allocate your finances accordingly. Use my Planned Expenditure and Personal Finances templates.
  3. Seek professional financial advice if you need it so that you can maximise your tax allowances and keep track of your investments.
  4. Make a Will. Ensure your legacies will be allocated according to your wishes.
  5. Insure yourself against ill health. Protect your family.

Healthy Business Finances Quick Start Tips

  1. Business should be fun! If you don’t enjoy it you are doing something wrong.
  2. Follow Richard Branson’s advice to budding entrepreneurs. He says that if you have an idea that’s going to make other people’s lives better then you have a business.
  3. Make sure your product or service is the best it can be.
  4. Listen to your customers.
  5. Follow my 14 Principles for Success in Business, as set out in my book.

Healthy Relationships Quick Start Tips

  1. Only you can decide what’s best for you. Listen to advice from others by all means, but make your own decisions.
  2. Every relationship you cultivate should give you a sense of well-being. If it doesn’t, it’s not for you. Move on.
  3. A relationship is a two-way street. Be prepared to be patient and tolerant. If you have a relationship you wish to improve, Use my Relationship Improver template.
  4. Don’t let the sun go down on an argument.
  5. Whatever relationships you have, afford them quality time.

Sense of Purpose Quick Start Tips

  1. Decide what gives you the greatest satisfaction in life. The chances are that will be your sense of purpose.
  2. Ask others what they consider to be your best qualities and skills.
  3. Recognise those skills - they make you who you are and who you could become. Use my Your Bigger Future™ Lifetime Sense of Purpose template.
  4. Perhaps align yourself to a cause for which you have a great passion.
  5. Make sure your purpose makes you feel wanted and valued.

Having Fun Quick Start Tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.
  2. Life may not be perfect, but count your own blessings.
  3. Make room in your life for fun and share the good times with others.
  4. Be frivolous once in a while.
  5. Plan ahead for all the fun things you want to do in the future. Use my Your Bigger Future™ Bucket List template.