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Within the Book and in this website, there are many facts and statements that at first may seem at odds with your perception of the world. But I am reminded of something a very wise acquaintance once said to me when I questioned a point he made. He said, “If you can’t dispute my logic then you must accept my conclusion.” Similarly, the content of the Book is wholly based on sound logic from world experts so I would urge you to bear that in mind.

However, here you’ll find answers to the many common questions I am frequently asked when talking to people about The Little Guide To Your Bigger FutureTm. For your convenience, I have grouped them in categories

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Healthy Body

Whilst I personally never experienced anything like this I believe that comment has come from people who have embarked upon fasting diets that are quite extreme, such as not eating anything for 3 or 4 days in a row. The Calorie Controlled Lifestyle is more gentle and flexible and allows you to go at your own pace. You set the timeframes to suit you.

As Michael Mosely puts it, with intermittent fasting it’s like taking your body to the garage for repair and servicing. Otherwise you are in GO GO mode all the time. This gives your body a little rest and rejuvenation.

It also depends of course on how much you value you own health. If you take on board the comments and findings from world experts you cannot dispute their logic. It may seem hard to begin with but (to lose weight) it’s just 2 days a week eating a little less and then when you get to your target weight and numbers, just 1 day a week.

Surely if it makes you fitter and promises you a life that’s longer and healthier why wouldn’t you do it?

This is not a case of not eating - essentially you just miss one meal - either breakfast, lunch or dinner - or if you don’t want to miss a meal, just have a very small portion. And don't forget - it's the net calories that count, so calculate what you eat (with MyFitnessPal or something similar) and record the exercise you do (with Strava or something similar) and deduct those calories. It’s the net effect that you count.

Look forward to your reduced calorie days – and the repair and regeneration of your body!

Basically only eat food and drink that does you good. Dr Miriam Stoppard recommends the 80% rule – eat and drink things that do you good 80% of the time, the other 20% of the time you can be more flexible

Ok, we all get hungry and crave junk food every so often, but do your best not to eat ‘rubbish.’ Think before you put it in your mouth. If it does you no good pass it by. You are what you eat!

We take our car keys, wallets, purses with us to work. We should also take to work with us the food we need to get us through the day.

When I first started on the Calorie Controlled Lifestyle, YES I did!

Initially I worked out what my numbers were as shown in the book on Page 40 YOUR BIGGER FUTURE HEALTHY BODY NUMBERS (and also here on this website) and where I wanted to get to. I then needed to find a way to keep a check on my daily consumption of calories and the exercise I did to get a net score per day.

My daughter recommended MyFitnessPal – so I downloaded the App and it all started from there. Within 3 weeks I’d lost a stone and within 3 months I’d shed another stone. So it works.

When I achieved my target weight and my body numbers all were in the normal/good category, I knew I could then do the Reduced Calorie Day just once a week – in my case a Monday.

But I still use MyFitnessPal probably about 3 days a week just to keep me on the straight and narrow!

Believe it! Reputedly the world’s oldest person, Indonesia’s Mbah Gotho, only recently passed away at the age of 146. Documentation proved he was born in 1870! (See page 41 of the book.)

That depends on many factors, such as what your numbers are now and where you want to get to. For me it took about 8 to 10 months in total.

In the “Eat Fast and Live longer” programme referred to on page 30 in the book and available to watch here on this web site, Dr. Michael Mosley was told that if he did it for 12 months he’d cure himself.

I think 12 months is a good timescale to work to. Remember it’s taken you more than 12 months to get to where you are now. Give yourself 12 months to get to the new you.

Within reason. Start by using the MyFitnessPal App (or something similar). Input your details and where you then want to get to. The App then calculates the amount of calories you should consume per day. Use this as your guide on your ‘normal’ days.

On your Reduced Calorie Days reduce your net calorie intake to no more than ½ of your normal day guideline.

Healthy Personal Finances

Take a look at my Capital and Income Calculator on this web site. Input your own asset values and regular investment payments for an indication of what you could expect to get as an income when you retire. The Calculator will tell you what you need to do to make up any potential shortfalls.

It’s a simple guide but very helpful. You may even find it an eye-opener!