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The Two Big Questions

Will I stay healthy? Will my money last?

I'm Brian Morman, Chairman of three successful companies operating in the financial services and asset management sectors. I am also a Financial Adviser with over 40 years' experience.

I've met people from all walks of life and discussed with them their dreams for the future. It's been my privilege to play a small part in helping them make those aspirations become reality. I've listened to accounts of hardship, tragedy, good luck and love. I've heard stories that genuinely inspired me. I've heard tales that are just plain, every day. But almost without exception - and it doesn't matter whether I'm talking to a client of modest means or a millionaire - the two concerns uppermost in everyone's mind are:

Will I stay healthy?
Will my money last?

In Your Bigger Future I set out to deal with those questions and much, much more. The real prospect of extended lifetimes means we all have to develop a clear vision of our futures and how we will rise to the new challenges.

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Your Bigger Future™ starts here...

I want to tell you about the people that have inspired me, the 'light bulb' moments that have proved life changing and the expert opinions from around the world that have illuminated my path forward and helped me put together my personal strategy for preparing for my Bigger Future.

If you follow the pathway described in my book, then you will be well on the way to creating your meaningful, happy self, healthy in mind, body and finances and well prepared for Your Bigger Future.

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What my readers say...

Since its original publication in 2017 as The Little Guide To Your Bigger Future, this book has sparked a lot of favourable interest. Here are just a few of the comments that can be viewed in their entirety on Amazon.

A very inspiring read...
“A fantastic read by a very inspiring man. It really is a guide to planning your own future as well as questioning your current lifestyle. A very inspiring read that not only is about financially planning for your future but about a healthier happier lifestyle ensuring you are able to enjoy your future.”

- Adam

An Absolutely brilliant read...
“An Absolutely brilliant read. Thought provoking, things to take on-board for any age.... If only it had been around in my earlier days.”

- Martin Davies

A refreshing change from most self-improvement books...
“This book is a refreshing change from most self-improvement books…. It never labours a single point and retains the reader’s interest by meandering effortlessly through each different subject.”

- Ryan

A well written and easy to read book...
“A well written and easy to read book. Ideal book for people of any age but especially those just setting out on their adult life and looking for ideas to help mould their future into a healthy and rewarding one.”

- Amazon Customer